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CSTA2020 Session on Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment and Feedback
for K-12 CS Learning

When: Mon, July 13, 2020; 12:30pm – 1:15pm (Central Time)
Session Presenters:
Shuchi Grover, Daniel Moix, Kelly Powers, Vicky Sedgwick

One can only improve what one measures. Formative assessments & feedback serve the important purpose of assessment for learning. How should schools teaching introductory CS integrate teaching & learning with ongoing measurement of student progress toward learning goals? This session will cover the why, what and how of formative assessments – why we should assess; what we should assess and how we can go about doing this in ongoing, easy, and practical and also innovative ways. We will share ongoing work by the CSAssess project — a partnership among researchers and teachers — working toward building a practical resource for the CSForAll community, as well as several examples of various forms of formative assessment organized by grade level, standards, and other tags, for easy and quick feedback for all grade levels.